Soon after San Francisco Soup Company restaurant changed their name to Ladle & Leaf, they invited agencies to pitch new creative approaches. Although the client assumed a salad-driven campaign highlighting their new name would be best, after talking with them we realized their real competitive advantage was still soups. Even the city's finest salad places couldn't match Ladle & Leaf's soups for originality, variety, and fresh preparation. So we created this campaign that sells soups first and salads second, and does it with a very San Francisco attitude.
By employing digital outdoor, the campaign can respond to frequently-changing menu items. I also designed sponsored Instagram posts that feature a soup of the day. These posts can be delivered in the hours before lunchtime and geo-targeted to downtown San Francisco.
Research showed that downtown workers decide where to eat only hours (or minutes) before lunchtime, so the campaign is heavy on very localized out-of-home near the restaurant locations – digital boards, bus sides, transit shelters, BART posters and sidewalk signs.
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