Other than politicians and pimps, lawyers are probably the least-trusted profession in the world. They're often seen a necessary evil or as an enemy. The key to this campaign for a tax law firm was making the IRS an even bigger villain. When the IRS comes after you, an accountant isn't going to cut it. You need a tax attorney.
This campaign challenges convention by staying away from the standard "talking head in a suit" approach that typifies most legal advertising. By taking tax law, which is inherently complex, and giving it a simple, slightly cartoony look, it becomes less intimidating. This approach works particularly well in social media where simple and colorful content stands out. 
In the campaign's second year, we expanded the messaging to include tax planning. This was a way to encourage clients to hire Moskowitz for more than just tax audit defense, and thus expand the firm's business. Most executions of this strategy were targeted to business owners– who stood a lot to gain by keeping ahead of ever-changing tax laws. These spots ran on TV and on Facebook.
I adapted these concepts to work silently as banner ads and Instagram ads.
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