It was summer 2020, and people had been trapped at home for months because of Covid-19. Our client Seguro came to us with a prototype of a product that could literally save lives – a social distancing device. Smartspace is a credit-card-sized wearable device that allows people in shared spaces (like offices, schools or hospitals) to know when they are less than 6 feet away from each other. When this happens, it triggers warning lights, sound and data collection for contact tracing. A video is an ideal way to explain a device like this which is unfamiliar to people. To motivate people to actually buy the product, the video emphasizes the one thing that everyone wanted during the pandemic– the ability to get "back to normal."
The digital ad campaign is targeted to businesses and institutions where "work from home" isn't possible. One ad urges institutions to abandon handwritten sign-in sheets in favor of Smartspace. Another ad uses a click-through to the website where business owners can actually calculate their potential financial losses from a Covid outbreak due to illness and lost productivity.
My work for Smartspace was featured prominently at the CES show, and the product received extensive media coverage. The ad campaign got high click-through rates by leveraging the product's technical superiority as well as its intangible humanistic benefits. 
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