With technology products, marketers tend get bogged down in lists of features and facts. In this Shea Connect introductory video every component is described in relation to an actual use case, so that we're selling benefits, not just features. The idea is that the many components can seamlessly act as a virtual assistant to get you through your day, regardless of time and place. 
Point of sale was a great opportunity to reach the consumer on the "home base" interface that controls the Shea Connect system. In this case, it is Amazon's Alexa-based Echo. I designed an interactive experience that allows users to explore each feature through the touch screen. The navigation is designed so that people can view only the features that are of interest, in whatever order they choose. This runs silently on any internet-connected device.
The success of the program led to the creation of a special version of the video for Shea Homes Active Adult, a target segment of older homebuyers who are unlikely to have children living at home. The benefits and use cases were tailored specifically to this audience.
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