Thaiwala is a liquid concentrate made of tea leaves from an organic farm in Thailand. So Thaiwala's ingredients and taste are superior to competitors tea bags and powder mixes. All you have to do is add milk. The idea behind the ad campaign is that Thaiwala is a simple and fun way to experience the wonders of Thailand at home. This campaign introduced Thaiwala to a test market of Costco locations in Los Angeles.
The video won an American Graphic Design Award in the Graphic Design USA competition. The Banner ads liken drinking Thaiwala to visiting Thailand, emphasizing the authenticity of the product.
Simultaneously, social channels carried messaging that complemented the ad campaign. Instagram and Facebook featured new product photography, serving suggestions, and recipes. Sales were so strong that Costco agreed to carry Thaiwala at every business center location. Now the product is available at hundreds of retailers nationwide.
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