Baker Ranch is a huge new home community in Orange County, jointly developed by Shea Homes and Toll Brothers. The account was in review in when I was asked to work on a new strategy and new ad campaign. Rather than be seen as just another bunch of tract houses, we positioned Baker Ranch as "The Resort You Call Home" due to its plethora of recreational amenities. I created a new look for Baker Ranch which was instrumental in the agency retaining the account until the community sold out. My work includes emails, banner ads, television, print, and web videos.
Print executions included double-page spreads and full-page newspaper ads in the LA Times and Orange County Register.
The campaign made extensive use of online banners.
The campaign won several awards, and Baker Ranch was one of the most successful new home communities in Southern California during its time– with home sales totaling more than a billion dollars over the 5-year period that I worked on the account.
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