When I was a kid, my dad had a collection of National Geographic magazines in our garage, with issues dating back to the 1920s. I didn’t care for the articles, but I loved the ads. Those magazines were my first textbooks, and inspired me to pursue a career in advertising.
As an advertising art director, I've had the opportunity to work on just about every type of product and service, providing me a unique and wide perspective on the marketing landscape. Clients include LucasArts Entertainment, Namco Videogames, San Jose Sharks, San Francisco Giants, Toll Brothers Homes, Hyatt Hotels, Southwest Airlines, Wells Fargo, PG&E, Safeway, The Roxie Theater and many others. 
I've been told I'm "an art director who thinks like a writer." I enjoy solving problems strategically, and crafting the best solutions. Agency folks often call upon me to lead internal meetings, pitch new business, and present work to clients. And I love doing it.
Part of what has kept me interested in this business is the fact that it is always changing. There's always something new to learn, whether it's a new tool, a new form of media, or just delving into a client's business. I've found that one great way to keep challenging myself is teaching and mentoring, something I've enjoyed doing as an Associate Creative Director, an instructor at Academy of Art College, and as an Art Director guiding designers on projects.

One particularly challenging personal project that I found satisfying was publishing a book called "Little Boxes" about Daly City's infamous 1950's tract houses. This allowed me to combine my love of midcentury design with research, writing, photography, and production.
In recent years I've worked in-house at Robert Half on The Creative Group brand, and was lead art director on three brands: Robert Half Technology, Robert Half Legal and Office Team. Much of this work was in the digital content marketing space, including blogs, landing pages, e-books, e-mails and social media campaigns. Sometimes I enjoy putting down the advertising “megaphone” and just creating brand content that people find useful and entertaining. 
In my current role at Gauger & Associates I've gotten the chance to work on a wide variety of clients in just about every medium. Each medium presents exciting and unique opportunities, but video is probably my favorite, and the one I've developed the deepest skillset in during my time with the agency. I'm often responsible for the initial video concept all the way through editing and finishing. I've worked on everything from 6-second YouTube bumpers to a 43-minute documentary film.
Although the media landscape is more complex today than the print-centric world of those old National Geographic magazines, marketing still boils down to connecting a brand with its audience in a compelling, memorable way. I think you’ll find that principle manifests itself in my work. Feel free to contact me at rob@robkeil.com or 415-518-6916.
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